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: MIXTAPE | Trigger Happy


I have so much to tell you, where shall I begin?
Put simply, I wanted to make something that bangs at a party. Here’s what I like to play…

If we want to live a life of forgiveness or respecting our parents or loving our enemies well then something inside of us has gotta go. Cause there is something inside of me that hates everyone. Or at least those who hurt me, and wants to hurt them back, so you have to ask, “How much am I willing to part with?” Or “How much can I come before the sword? And have everything cut away from me that isn’t love.”

- Aaron Weiss

The Dharma days are over.

The Dharma days are over.

"Take a Walk" - Passion Pit

I absolutely love the direction of this track. There are several areas where the song is given room to breathe, which was a trait basically non-existent on Manners. Don’t mistake, I absolutely loved that album, but it was claustrophobic and lacked balance song-by-song. “Take a Walk” is still a rollicking, upbeat, pulsating song, but the dynamics here have me reflexively returning to the play button.


Grown Up Advice of the Day: Don Draper Jon Hamm recently sat for an “Ask A Grown Man” interview, a RookieMag feature in which teen girls ask the questions. As such, we learn in this video about Hamm’s wardrobe preferences; how he feels about making out vs. going all the way; and farting.

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This is so good. Jon Hamm continues to win EVERYTHING, ever.

Chris Bosh proved his worth with this decision. I want it to pop up everywhere now.

Chris Bosh proved his worth with this decision. I want it to pop up everywhere now.

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Paul F. Tompkins: Hubris!: "And I ain't goin' back to live that old life no more."


Two years ago today, at this hour, my wife and I were married. Immediately after being pronounced so, and after kissing for the first time as husband and wife, the song “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show played, and we processed past our family and our friends and began our new life…

Had no idea where this post was going, but loved what it turned out to be. A message missed by a lot of people.


“110%” - Jessie Ware

Didn’t we just talk about Jessie Ware? Great timing can be an important skill in the music industry; Ms. Ware seems to be blowing it up.  The track is very subdued considering it’s produced by the upcoming legend Julio Bashmore, but it’s another example of the perfection between producer and vocalist.  Considering her prolific output thus far, I wouldn’t be surprised if a beautiful full-length will be out by the end of the year.

-Eric Kossina

This is tremendous.


Review: Kyle Minton [4/8/2012]

Just as Memoryhouse’s nostalgic obsession of aligning photographs and sound seems downright archaic, the notion that lo-fi bedroom pop has already passed out of vogue feels absurd. Just yesteryear we championed the lo-fi and heralded those who held the courage to yell into laptop microphones while the rest of us cowards slept through the wee hours of the night, only occasionally waking to continue the wave of slapping “chillwave” on anything of low enough fidelity to make us feel like getting blitzed until bedrooms spun around us on a stage of synthesizers and looped samples. In an interview with Pitchfork, Julia Holter, the champion of all things in-house recording-related, spoke the truth of the matter at hand earlier this year: “I hear a lot of music that’s just lazy— you know, people in their bedrooms singing some shit into the microphone. It’s just bad. But they’re like, ‘This is art.’ It’s so annoying.” She wasn’t entirely wrong in her blasé synopsis of the scene: it exploded and polluted much of what was in the core of chillwave’s experience, a facsimile of the earnest talent that was struggling to push through. As if to set their intentions far apart from the genre that garnered so much attention (both negative and positive), Memoryhouse’s The Slideshow Effect does its best to follow suit in abjuring any ties the duo once had with the lo-fi, bedroom pop stage. 

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Kyle nailed this one. Bland is an accurate one-word description of this record. I’m thankful my memories aren’t this boring.

Futures - “Video Games” (Lana Del Rey Cover)

This is an interesting take on “Video Games.” It’s less of-the-moment-trying-to-be-zeitgeisty and more sweeping. Plus, Ant West’s voice is kind of fantastic. Really, really anticipating the full-length from this band.